Project Description

The training in brief

Our three-day workshop is an inspiring and thought-provoking adventure in the field of climate and social psychology. We present urban environmental experiments, international good practices and possible ways of changing behaviour. During the workshop, we will explore the Quadrant of Engagement model of climate psychologist Renée Lertzman, giving a comprehensive “toolkit” to the participants, who will be able to choose from it depending on their goals and situation. After the first two days of the workshop, theory will be put into practice and on the third day we will discuss and reflect on the results together with the participants.


How do we design a better-functioning world?

What technological and business responses do we have on climate challenges? If you hear the words design & systems thinking, hackathons, startups and niche market management, then for sure you are in the innovation quadrant.

Behavior change

How do we get A to do Y?

We examine human motivation and thought processes and try to influence these in different ways. You can think of incentives, rewards and penalties from gamification to legal consequences.


Climate change can have its marketing

How can people’s attitudes, values and beliefs about climate change be affected? Morales, ethics, social norms, communication, marketing and framing are in the focus in this quadrant


How do you feel about climate change?

In this quadrant we work with feelings, defensive and coping mechanisms, social norms, anxiety, grief, empathy and conflict. The aim is to involve the target group through personal experience, through listening and understanding.