Urban systems are robust and often stubbornly resistant to change. If we are to adapt to or mitigate climate change at the city level, we must analyze urban systems, and by engaging the right stakeholders experiment on and modify current processes.

Building on proven methods, tools and techniques, leveraging our international expert network, our team helps local governments develop and implement successful environmental and climate communication strategies that effectively involve key stakeholders.

In order to face climate change challenges, we believe a wide range of stakeholders have to be engaged to find the best solutions. The first step towards this is effective climate communication that is also an essential element of any urban innovation.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

Customized services

Instead of offering ready-made solutions, we translate global themes into local specificities.


Creating success together

Creating success together

Be it a communication campaign or a complex engagement strategy, we discuss and cocreate the best solutions at our trainings and workshops.


When you need an expert

When you need an expert

With international experience, we help you choose the right approach and find the best solutions for your challenge.


From strategy making to implementation.

Leave the work to us from strategy-making to implementation.

Whether it’s a communication campaign or community planning, we’ll design and implement the whole process from start to finish.


Viktoria Soos
Viktoria Soosclimate communication expert, coach and facilitator
As a climate communication expert I love to be involved in translating the global climate context to the local level. I really enjoy working with cities and municipalities because having close ties to the public, these organisations can create great impact at systems level by engaging citizens in urban planning. Cities do not only talk about climate change but doing something about it day after day. That’s why I feel honored to support their mission.
Having participated in numerous local, national and EU-level programs & projects as communication strategist, climate innovation coach and facilitator, i have led 24-hour hackathons and expert exchange programs, organized online and offline conferences, held webinars for an international climate coach network, and is currently helping municipalities to communicate climate topics and projects more effectively.

Communication 96%
Facilitation, coaching 93%
dr. Annamária Virág
dr. Annamária Virágenvironmental and sustainability expert
As an environmental lawyer and economist, I am currently leading climate smart agriculture activities of EIT Climate-KIC in the Central-Eastern European region. I believe that climate change issues should be tackled on every existing ways and levels. No matter if an initiative, project or product is targeting individuals, communities, corporates, cities or regions, every drop counts and will potentially find the way to grow and achieve impact. Innovation is a great example for that: the most crazy idea can be nurtured to become mainstream. Even better if it tackles climate change, one of the biggest global challenges of our times.
circular economy 95%
sustainability 96%
Laszlo Jaczenko
Laszlo Jaczenkocoach, facilitator
How do you convince someone of something in small steps? I like to employ marketing psychology knowledge in climate communication projects and trainings/workshops. I consider the recognition and management of predictable errors and irrational behaviours to be one of the most important issues, because it usually stands in the way of rational, evidence-based persuasion. In general, we are irrational in a typical way, and this typicality is useful. This is not only an exciting topic, but it provides an excellent insight into the world of the human psyche, and may be one of our most powerful weapons in creating an effective communication plan.
When it comes to communication, I am in favour of a comprehensive, strategic approach.
Professional experience: consulting, coaching and facilitation, international climate-related projects.
Strategic thinking 96%
Marketing/sales psychology 92%
Orsi Barna
Orsi BarnaLearning Designer
Manager of educational activities mainly within the climate change sector. My work frequently involves knowledge dissemination, education program design and event organization. I have worked as the lead educational program designer for EIT Climate-KIC Hungary for more than eight years. My educational programme portfolio includes courses, workshops, hackathons, mobility programmes and trainings for secondary school and university students as well as experienced professionals. I pay great attention to details and I have an excellent track record dealing with partners and course participants. I am passionate to fight against the negative effects of climate change within my professional and personal life. I am a PhD candidate at BME, my research focuses on improving green skills in Hungary.
Course design 95%
Project management 97%
Alexandra Végh
Alexandra VéghLearning Designer
As an environmental economist with more than 6 years of experience with greentech startup development and project management I’ve been building and developing the Hungarian climate innovation community (KIK) since 2015 which now has more than 5000 follower. In my role at PANNON Pro Innovations I am responsible for the organization and coordination of all Climate-KIC entrepreneurship and education activities. Furthermore I’m passionate about conflict resolution and communication. I have a deep knowledge in conflict management and organizational communication gained through my mediation scholarchip in the United States in 2019 where I also immersed myself in the methods for dealing with high-risk conflicts developed by Vital Smart and the ‘train the trainers’ Gordon Academy course in 2014. In all projects, conflicts or disharmonies within the team or between the team and other stakeholders are inevitable. Though in most of the cases they doesn’t lead to the project failure, the related costs incurred can be avoided through mediation.
Conflict management 99%
Green business development 90%